Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

The Solo S3 is the latest cordless detector from Escort, a agency regarded for generating high overall performance radar detectors. The previous version, the Escort Solo S2, turned into the pleasant cordless radar detector that you may purchase, so we’re watching for wonderful things from the brand new S3 model.

The standout feature of the Solo S3 is its capability to run on two AA batteries. The S3 makes use of simplest a fragment of the energy utilized by corded detectors and could closing months on a single set of batteries. The new AutoPower function automatically turns the tool off to preserve battery existence whilst it would not feel any motion of the automobile.

The Solo S3 offers upgraded overall performance from the preceding S2 version with longer range warnings on all police radar bands. Escort’s patented digital signal processing presents the longest warnings with fewer fake indicators.

Another new function in this version is the organic LED screen that gives a excessive decision description of all radar and laser signals which includes the standard Escort bar graph display and the ExpertMeter show. The ExpertMeter display can display the signal power of 2 Ka, 2 K, and 4 X-band alerts all at once. The display screen will flip off to save battery whilst no signals are present. This also helps maintain your radar detector discreet so no person else will understand you’ve got it.

The Solo S3 is capable of displaying protection VISIT warning gadget information. These signals will keep you aware of road dangers inclusive of injuries.

The detector comes loaded with the entirety you want to get started so you can just positioned it to your vehicle and flip it on:

Radar detector
Owner’s Manual
Windshield Mount
Travel Case
One set of AA batteries
For superior users, the Solo S3 affords nine programmable features which includes unique power on signs, AutoPower, strength on sequences, sign electricity meters, AutoMute, audio tones, metropolis mode, brightness manage, darkish mode, and the ability to allow or disable sure radar bands.

The Solo S3 is extraordinary for tourists who want to switch it from apartment car to apartment car, and even again into their own vehicle when they go back. There are no wires to attach or detach and it comes with a journey case so it might not get broken to your baggage.

If you are looking for the final in cordless radar detection, look no similarly than the Escort Solo S3.

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